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Cartridge valves

Command Controls founder Connie Kosarzecki remembers when the cartridge valve was introduced in the 1950s. At the time, two companies were making special-purpose hydraulic cartridge valves
Cartridge valves and manifolds
Proportional cartridge valve
Hydraulic cartridge valves "Each cartridge valve was designed to perform a specific function, and then a valve cavity was designed to encompass the valve," says James Incledon, Jr., marketing manager, Command Controls Corp., Elgin, IL. "Most of the valves during that
by Chad Elmore and Michelle EauClaire

Part six of OEM Off-Highway's trip through the mobile hydraulic circuit.
Hydac Technology Corp. has introduced a new cartridge valve and manifold catalog that features its complete line of pressure, directional, flow, check, load and proportional valves. The valve line is available in various size combinations with ratings up to 6000 psi while Hydac's custom manifolds incorporate cartridge valves, filters accumulators and accessories.
Hydraulic poppet cartridge valves from Sun Hydraulics are detailed within a one-page literature item from the company. With a position-indicating switch, the valves carry an operating voltage range from 20 to 30 Vdc and are designed to be used in high flows and pressures. The literature contains photos, features, diagrams and technical data for the product.

The Zero Leak hydraulic cartridge valves from Fluid Force are solenoid operated and available in cavity sizes from four to 16. The two-way valves feature a patented Zero Leak poppet design, pressure to 5000 psi, ac and dc coils and manual override options. Three-way valves are also available.



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