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Sandwich valves

Specializing in sandwich valves,such as sandwich pressure relay,sandwich relief valve,sandwich balance valve,sandwich reducing valve,sandwich check valve,etc.  

Product Name:Sandwich pressure relay
Product Type:DKYZ
Product spec:

Product Name:Restrictive valve/1-way restrctive vlave
Product Type:DL/DAL
Product spec:

Product Name:Hydraulic-operated sandwich check valve
Product Type:DAY
Product spec:

Product Name:Throttle and check valve
Product Type:DLA
Product spec:

Product Name:Sandwich check valve
Product Type:DA
Product spec:

Product Name:Sandwich relief valve
Product Type:DY
Product spec:

Product Name:Sandwich reducing valve
Product Type:DYJ
Product spec:

Product Name:Sandwich balance valve
Product Type:DYP
Product spec:

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