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Hydraulic Valves

specializing in production of hydraulic valves, hydraulic systems and hydraulic components. Such as logical valves, PQ valves, modular valves, solenoid directional valves, manifold block, proportional coils,etc.

Specializing in proportional valves,such as pressure relief valve,electro-hydraulic control PQ valve,reducing valve,Proportional directional valve,Proportional electro-hydraulic directional valve,Proportional cartridge relief valve,Proportional cartridge flow control valve,etc.

Specializing in pressure control valves,such as pressure relay,pressure relief valve,solenoid relief valve,pilot-operated unload valve,pilot-operated sequence valve,Pilot-operated reducing valve,etc.

Specializing in directional control valves,such as check valve,prefill valve and other directional control valves.

Specializing in flow control valves,such as restrictive valve,restrictive check valve,etc.

Specializing in cartridge valves,such as explosion isolation cartridge valve,cartridge systems,etc.

Specializing in sandwich valves,such as sandwich pressure relay,sandwich relief valve,sandwich balance valve,sandwich reducing valve,sandwich check valve,etc.  

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