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Ningbo Chap Mechan-Electro-Hydraulic S&T Development Co.,Ltd is specializing in production of Rubber machinery,Hydraulic Valves,Plastic machinery...
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Ningbo Chap Mechan-Electro-Hydraulic S&T Development Co.,Ltd. based on the advanced manufacturing industry, takes electro-hydraulic control technology as core, on the basic of hydraulic pressure and electro-hydraulic control and takes the integrated machinery as direction to form the trinity of machinery electricity and hydraulic, takes the promotion of social development as its mission, It?s consisted of the following holding companies: Ningbo Hoyea Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Chap Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd., Ningbo Huasu Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd., Ningbo Huapu Industry Control Technology Co.,Ltd.

As the leader of hydraulic products market in China, Chap owns rich experiences as well as innovative solutions. Established ten years ago, it has grown into a High-Tech Enterprise of Zhejiang Province and is worthy of the name "Chinese Electro-Hydraulic Control Expert". Presently, it is the main vender of hydraulic products in China and exports to many other countries and regions as well, and provides customers with products such as control components, actuation components, power supply parts and advanced solutions of comprehensive electro-hydraulic control system. Specifically speaking, main products list as follows: three types of routine hydraulic valves for industrial application, proportional valves, cartridge valves, sandwich valves, explosion isolation valves, various solenoids for valves, radial piston eccentric motors, cycloid gear motors, internal gear pumps, manifold block, and varieties of hydraulic assembly systems and hydraulic pump stations based on these components. The proportional electro-hydraulic valve is listed as a national key novel product and an outcome of 2003 National Torch Plan project. The company persists in groping for high end domains of electro-hydraulic control technology. Research and development of electro-hydraulic servo valve, electro-hydraulic digital fast switching valve, hydraulic transformer and etc will greatly accelerate the homemade process of high end hydraulic products.

With solid foundation and efficient quality control in electro-hydraulic control, Chap goes further than peer companies in molding machine technology and soon becomes one of the main suppliers in China. The company concentrates on the high performance and quality in rubber machinery development and manufacture based on its strong background of electro-hydraulic control technology and advanced solutions to molding technology of rubber products, and provides rubber molding equipments with superior capabilities as well as technical service. Various models of rubber injection molding machine, transfer type molding machine, vacuum vulcanizing machine, ordinary plate vulcanizing machine, transfer type molding machine for Thermoset Plastic and many special-purpose hydraulic machines sell well in domestic market.

Huasu is specializing in the plastic injection molding machine, such as full hydraulic two-platen high speed & precision plastic injection molding machine, rotary table injection molding machine, sandwich co-injection molding machine and Other series plastic molding machines ,etc.

What Chap values are innovation, service, advancement and quality. Relying on its own capability, it possesses unparalleled advantages in solving technical problems on the electro-hydraulic control and the relatives. All these advantages help Chapí»s fellow companies to easily build their own products with high quality plus low cost and retain their own clients, allowing them to face the fierce competition as well as to benefit the end users.

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