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Constant Pressure Regulating Valve

Constant pressure Regulating Valve, Constant pressure adjusting valve, Pressure control valve

  • Material: AISI304, AISI316AISI316L
  • Specification:as per clients' request

pressure control vavle with Streamlined body, combined floating-ball disc with cone-shape sealing surface, these insure no abnormal vibration and noise when the valve is in use. These can also reduce pressure loss, makes the scope of upstream pressure much wider than other pressure valves and pressure output more stable. Widely used in potable water supply, building construction and so on.

Self operated pressure control valve 

1,Two functions: flow control and pressure control . Suitable for Heating system for determining flow and variable flow.
2, Automatically eliminate hydraulic imbalance in water system and maintain the user a required constant flow to overcome the "uneven cold and heat" phenomenon applying to determining flow system.

We can do OEM .Let us know the maximum, minimum flow and resistance etc.we will assist technology selection.

valve stem brass  
adjusting parts brass  
spring stainless steel  
DN15-DN25 valve body brass  
Dn15-above valve body gray casting steel  
DN 15--350(mm)  
Installing mode flange or thread connection   
Valve length 100--670(mm)  
Fixed flow rang 0.1--700(cubic meter/h)  
Weight  0.6-320(kg)  
Max Temperature 150  

pressure control valve,We are one of the biggest manufacturer for air conditioning pressure switches
A)  Long life & High quality assurance
B)  Other types are available in hand
C)  Packed in seaworthy cartons
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