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Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Moulding Machine

injection moulding machine ,Rexroth hydraulic valve ensures running smoothly and no troublesome.
3> The mute circuit is special designed.
4> Energy saving reaches up to 30-50%, especially, has marvelous effect for the products with long circle time.
5> Filter system in return oil circuit is able to prolong the work life of hydraulic oil, and ensures trouble free operation of all kinds of hydraulic elements.
6> The motor is able to run in lower speed under no requirement of oil, so utmost reduce the consumption of idle work, as well as water saving, even without cooling water.
7> Special designed PLC controlled the unit is supplied by famous brand, with multi-functions and optional for many languages.
8> High precise transducer to control the positions accurately.

Injection Moulding Machine (339/110)

Details for Injection Moulding Machine 339/110
Int' Type: 339/110

1. Theoretical shot volume: 183CM3 226CM3 286CM3
2. Actual shot weight: 172g 210g 265 g/6.1Oz 7.4Oz 9.3Oz
3. Screw diameter: 36mm 40mm 45 mm
4. Injection Pressure: 185MPa 150MPa 118MPa
5. Screw L/D ratio: 22: 1 20: 1 18: 1
6. Screw stroke: 180mm
7. Screw stepless: 0--161 r/min

1. Clamping force: 1100kN
2. Opening Stroke: 350mm
3. Space between bars: 410mm X 370mm
4. Max. Daylight: 730mm
5. Mould thickness: 145-380mm
6. Ejector stroke: 130mm
7. Ejector force: 42kN

1. System pressure: 17.5 Mpa
2. Pump motor: 11(13) kw
3. Heating Capacity: 8.9 kw
4. Temperature control zones: 3+ nozzle

1. Dry-cycle time: 1.5sec
2. Oil tank capacity: 200l
3. Machine dimention: 3.9m x 1.1m x 1.8m
4. Machine Weight: 3000 kgs

injection moulding machine

PET spcial injection moulding machine

injection A B C
screwdiameter (mm) 34 36 38
screw l/d ratio(L/D) 22.2 21 18.9
shotsize (cm3) 129 145 161
injection weight(PS) g 117 132 147
oz 4.1 4.6 5.2
injectionrate(g/s) 85 90 95
plasticizing capacity(g/s) 9.8 11.8 14.1
injectiongpressure(g/s) 220 200 185
screw speed(r/min) 220
clamping force(KN) 1000
mould open stroce(mm) 330
space between tie bar(mm) 390*355
max.mould height(mm) 400
min.mould height(mm) 150
ejectorstroke(mm) 100
ejector force(KN) 33
max.pump pressure(Mpa) 16  
pump motor power(KW) 11  
heater power(KW) 6.8  
machine dimensions(m) 4.2*1.22*1.75  
machine weight(T) 3.4  
oil tank capacity(L) 205


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