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Plastic machinery for injection molding

Manufacturers of plastics-processing machinery seemed to save their best news for K 2007, unveiling a steady stream of new models, product enhancements, and process improvements at the global trade show held October 24-31 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Larger, faster, more efficient, and flexible machines, promising energy savings and improved part quality, made their entrance at "K." In many cases, the advantages offered by these new plastic machines make an excellent argument for replacing older, less efficient equipment. This report takes a look at the latest machinery for injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, and blow molding.

Improved flexibility, precision, and energy savings are bywords in injection-molding-machinery introductions this year. Arburg demonstrated speed coupled with precision during an in-mold labeling demonstration at K 2007. An Allrounder 570A,
with 2000 kN of clamping force, the largest machine in the company's line of electric machines, produced labeled yogurt tubs in a six-cavity mold. Arburg's Allrounder A models feature modular-drive technology in machines with electrically powered main axes (mold opening and closing, injection, and dosing) combined with electric or hydraulic auxiliary axes (ejection, nozzle movements, and mold functions), depending on application

Sufficient hydraulic power is provided where needed, achieving electromechanical accuracy coupled with economical energy consumption. Arburg recently opened a new technology center in Elgin, Illinois.

Chap Mechan-Electro-Hydraulic S&T Development Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of high precision injection molding machines. The company primarily designs, manufactures, and assembles Chinese-English closed-loop computer controlled machines according to the specifications of general plastic and rubber machines used throughout the world. Based in China, Shuangma produces over 100 unique machines ranging in clamping force from 58 to 1680 tons and injection weight from 38g to 10806g. With 70 full-time engineers on staff, Shuangma manufactures about 2,000 sets of injection molding machines each year.

introduced its Procan Alpha touch-screen control at K. Incorporating three patented components, the control system offers improvements in speed, precision, and ease of operation, says BOY. The configuration screen displays the machine cycle with

all auxiliary functions, including core pulls, Rubber Machinery unscrewing, and freely programmable entries and exits. The operation manual, complete with an explanation of warning codes and alarms plus troubleshooting information, is stored in the system for instant access by the operator. In addition, BOY recently reduced base prices by more than 10% on several Procan CT-controlled injection-molding machines.

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