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Proportional valves

Proportional valves


The Sauer-Danfoss family of proportional valves includes two valve series, PVG32 and PVG120, available individually or as one combined assembly.

PVG 32 and 120 are hydraulic load-sensing valves designed to give maximum flexibility. They are available in many versions from a simple load sensing directional valve to an advanced electrically controlled load-independent proportional valve.

The model capability of the PVG makes it possible to build up a valve group to precisely meet requirements. The compact external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged whatever combination is specified.

Features include: max flow per section 130 L/min (240 L/min on PVG120); max pressure per section 350 bar (400 bar on PVG120); up to 10 sections per PVG32 valve group (8 on PVG120); open and closed centre versions available; load-independent flow control; accurate flow controllability; variety of spool types (open, closed, float position etc); interchangeable spools; variety of actuator combinations; and integrated electronics, sensors and actuators.

PVG proportional valves are used in conjunction with Sauer-Danfoss 45 series axial piston open loop pumps. The 45 series has recently been extended from 25 up to 147 cm3/rev.



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