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Injection Moulding Machines

The newly developed RT series injection moulding machines has utilized the latest advanced German technology. From the raw material feeding,to njecting, plasticizing,forming, and to the withdrawing of the finished product, each process has been gifted with the optimized design.
HY Series rubber injection molding machine is an advanced hot-pressing molding equipment for rubber products,with a national patent (Patent No.: ZL2004201107481.9),its structure is compact with wide applicability,high efficiency and high yield. Especially it is suitable for the rubber model products of complex shapes,exhausting difficultly and difficult to molding.

Features: Standard configurations are the full computer,the electro-hydraulic proportional control system, high degree of automation.It can provide special configuration for users with computerized frequency conversion power- saving control system (Patent No.:ZL01126526.4) of independent intellectual property rights. These series products are high efficiency, power-saving, stable and reliable 
Injection capacity and the stroke of mould- opening & closing can be calculated and controlled precisely by electronic ruler, and mould- opening & closing can be regulated with multi-polar speed.
Injection & pre-plasticating screw and material cylinder are nitrogen treated, with abrasion resistant.
Heating plate uses cast aluminum external heating, computer PID control, precision temperature; injecting, preplastication material cylinder use hot oil heating method, stable and even
Using large screen LCD to show process parameters, the interface is intuitive and easy to operate.
Infrared light screen protection devices ensure operation safe.
Equipped with moving mould, ejector,mechanical tip and clamp of mould devices 
The hydraulic system uses the original imported high pressure pumps and low noise internal gear pump, proportional pressure valve control, with stable and reliable movements, and low consumption. It uses oil cooler to ensure that the oil temperature below 55 C. 
Users can choose PLC control and 5.7-inch touch-control screen imported from Siemens or Mitsubishi

Flow of machine motions

1M1the first mould platen goes down
2load the mould
3clamp of mould goes up, close mould rapidly, increase pressure
4carriage goes down, inject
5expel bubbles out, carriage goes up, vulcanizing and timing before store
6carriage goes down, storage-making
7curing and timing after store, carriage goes up
8open the mould, clamp of mould goes down
9push out the mould
10M1the first mould platen goes up

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