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Control Valve

Flow control valve

Features: steel body, Female to Female thread, poppet operated check valve combined flow control needle valve, allowed accurate flow rate adjusting, one way flow control other way free return flow, with needle secure lock screw and paddle mounting nut available.

Burst pressure for return line: 0.5bar

Working pressure: 300bar/30MPa/4500PSI to 350bar/35MPa/5076PSI

Standard port thread: 1/4BSP -1 BSP.

Suitable for high pressure flow adjusting.

Interchangeable with DV, DRV, STU, FT257/5, FT1251/5-01.

NPT, Metric, SAE, LR & SR (DIN2353) thread and stainless steel valve available on request.

control valve

(flow control valve, seal control valve ,automatic control valve)

Control valves are used within industrial plants and elsewhere to control operating conditions such as , , , and level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from controllers that compare a "setpoint" to a "process variable" whose value is provided by that monitor changes in such conditions.

Control valves can also work with hydraulic actuators (also known as hydraulic pilots). These types of valves are also known as Automatic Control Valves. The hydraulic actuators will respond to changes of pressure or flow and will open/close the valve.

1). This product has the features as following: pleasure appearance, open and close flexibly, seal tightly without leakage, the spool and the valve end are hardly worn out; low noise rate and vibration, long service life etc.

2). Drive device is adjustable import BERNAED electric actuator, which can on/off rapidly or regulates the flow with high precision.

3). EFV series electric flow control valve has a pleasing appearance, compact structure, small size, light weight, high sensitivity, non resistance, and no angle limit.

4). Spool uses high wear performance materials; the ceramic surface is to enhance the sticking property with high-density blanket, and reducing the wear to blanket; arc open outer make material flow without resistance. Spool sealed softly with quality high-density blanket. The adjustment of the seal box can be undergone externally so that to adjust the clearance of the spool and blanket for the purpose of no leakage. The blanket has a long service life, and can be replaced conveniently after worn.
Plastic machinery

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