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Plastic Machines

Low rotation rate, low noise and large moment of torsion. Mechanical or electrical
overloading of the equipment is well avoided by the preset protective assembly.The machine is especially suitable for the onrushing of those very-large and ultra-thick
objects: such as tires, supporting boards, packing barrels, which areusually difficult to break)

Plastic Machine   integrate forming and cutting off at the same time .It is vacuum forming as well as press forming and synthetical forming .It can be used for processing all kinds of plastic sheet .It adopts PLC controller and touch screen .to control the working programmes.It is easy to operate and features high degree automation .
Technical data:




Forming area



Cutting height



Production efficiency



Installed dimension 



Installation  power



Power supply

380V 50HZ            220V 60HZ

3 phase  380V 50HZ      3 phase  220V 60HZ

Hydraulic unit 
   This unit composed of imported advanced hydraulic components. System pressure is controlled by proportional valve. According to user¡¯s demand, a quick mold clamping device and fast-respond excellent control valves also can be fitted on the unit.

Clamping unit
   Optimum designed double-toggle five-joint clamping machinery has functions such as large open stroke, efficient and reliable movement. Multi-eject Functions with pressure, speed, position and delay time adjustable are suitable for various molding conditions. In addition, we can deploy multilevel moulding devices according to the requirement of the user.

Electronic equipments control
   It is adopted special computer of plastic-injection machine and advanced CPU controller. Which can raise the operating speed of the control system and warm of excess oil-temperature to ensure the working accuracy of machine.


CHG series full hydraulic two-platen injection molding machine for plastic, relying on independent intellectual property rights, make full use of the internal group¡¯s advanced technology¡ªHOYEA£¨electro£­hydraulic control£©,HOPEA(microcomputer frequency Conversion control) and precision injection molding machine developed independently by injection molding machine experienced engineers in CHAP Machinery. With the latest European Hydraulic Design Concept, CHAP Machinery electro-hydraulic control specialists make great efforts to build the plastic injection equipment with environment-friendly and energy-saving.

Specializing in two-color injection molding machine,such as mixed two-color injection molding machine and separate two-color injection molding machine,etc.

The plastic machine products are widely used in glass vessels,electric appliances bags and cases,shoe making, bicycles, motorcycles, cars,furniture, construction materials,
 window seals, and air conditioner pipes of first-rate quality, reasonable prices.

This production line has advanced structure, stable and reliable performance, high automatic
degree. It is easy to maintain and operate. Its price is reasonable. It
can replace imported equipment. It is one of the most ideal PE production lines
at home now.
1) Polyethylene raw material and talc powder is put into the mixer in terms of ratio
2) Mixed uniformly
3) Put into the material box on automatic feeder, fed to the material funnel on extruder
4) Enter in feeding stage of extruder
5) Shrinking proof agent is injected.
6) Foaming agent is injected
7) Mixed material through plasticizing is extruded from machine head-cooled and
8) Planed
9) Drawn
10) Winded
11) Packed and scaled

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