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XLB Seriesplate Vulcanizing Press For Rubber

XLB series plate vulcanizing press for rubber is the main molding equipments for various of rubber molding products and non-molding products, with simple structure, high pressure, wide applicability, and high efficiency. The equipment is also suitable for molding to thermosetting plastic, bubble, resins, bakelite, sheet metal, building materials and other molding products.


   The main moving platen raises rapidly, clamps slowly, declines rapidly, closing mould and exhausting can be adjusted respectively, production efficiency is improved.(except XLB/400).
   Hydraulic system configuration is more reasonable and reliable. when products are vulcanizing, oil pump and motor stop working, and has automatic pressure compensation function and oil pump stands with delay,
   Exhaust time, exhaust frequency, heating temperature and vulcanizing time can be seted, it is convenient for operation. There are two work modes with manual and semi automatic mode
   To meet the requirements of special rubber material, there are two working mode.ordinary plate vulcanizing press; transfer mould working mode.
   The hydraulic cylinder uses our own patent technology of oil cylinder composite sealing device (patent nu.ZL03220060.3), with reliable seals technology and long life
   The electric system adopts full computer control, it is more convenient, accurate and reliable for operation. Users can choose PLC control and 5.7-inch touch-control screen imported from Siemens or Mitsubishi.
   The oil tank adopts the patent technology of flip board structure open tank (patent nu.ZL200620105181.5), it saves time and effort for maintenance , more human-friendly.

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