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Cartridge system (1)
   The ensure system is apply in the big flow hydraulic pressure system.Cartridge valve system is build up by many wimble structure 2-ways cartridge valve, the leakquantity is nearly zero; the speed of movement can be controlled by damper on the top of cover board, so it can achieve the best performance between respond rate and hydraulic concussion; the cover board is multifunctional, it can design by the system needs, integration many function in the cover board can minish the cubage of hydraulic control block. Its easy to add or reduce the function in system. That is impossible for a board system.Our powerful research ability and multifunctional cartridge system is guarantee the advanced and reliability. Using the high quality and machining techniques made parts of ensure ensures the whole system work steadily. We customize various kinds of hydraulic system, give the best project to our client.

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